Im okay with not having a boyfriend

I used be very most obsessed with guys or better yet being in a relationship. With all those pics of relationships on tumblr and all those we are in a relationships on fb. Can you blame me? 

But im really not like that, of course i would like a good guy and a happy relationship. But still im more like independent, my future is more important than a guy. And i hope more girls should understand that a guy isn’t the most important thing in life. Because if he was ever to leave or you haven’t found the right one yet, i hope you will know how to take care of yourself.

I hope girls know that they are beautiful and that you dont have to hear it from a guy to know it. That if you really want a guy that patience will give you the right one. And i know most of you will say ‘but ive waited enough’. Being like 18 or even 25 is still young. Being 105 is young, lol. Im not saying you will have ‘the right guy’ at an old age but you should always remember you should never lower your standards because he is out there. 

I may have no one now and you don’t have to believe me. But I have seen relationships without love but i have seen more relationship with love. Love is out there. And even if there is a small small chance that relationships isn’t for you. Its okay to be alone. Because even without a relationship there can be love.

This is me talking in the #foreveraloneclub that might the #temporaryaloneclub

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